Into the Void Album Art 2022

The international rock band Ultrasonics second album Into The Void was released in March 2022 in all major digital streaming platforms.

For the album art we created something traditional with a fresh look. The diving suit with the jet pack resembles past and future at the same time, upwards and downwards, mind (air) and emotion (water) while the golden hands stands for the prosperous handmade work and talent.

Into the Void Vynil
Into the Void Album Art
Into the Void Book Art
Into the Void CD Case
Into the Void Poster
Into the Void Spotify
Rock band Ultrasonics receives Into The Void poster

Rock band Ultrasonics and graphic designer posing for a picture with Into The Void Poster presented in Guarulhos / Brazil in February 2022. From left to right: Rodrigo (drums), Beck (graphic designer), Nizu (vocals, guitar) and Vini (bass).

Ultrasonics Into The Void

The iconic concept art had great symbolism and many key elements representing the band beliefs, including the golden hands for the effort and hand made work, the white background for a clean start after a friend´s death, and of course the diver and astronaut mixture for the deepest emotions and highest thoughts.


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