3D Logo Creation

The process of designing 3D logotypes

Logos are the most valuable part of a brand. A 3D logo is its most realistic version within the digital environment and needs special care when created.

Before After

Before and after rendering a 3D logo.


The process of designing a logo in the 3D environment starts with creating the basic polygonal shapes. Here at the agency, we use 3D modeling software such as Blender (for simple projects) and Maya (for rather complex projects).

The 3D text is then generated and all elements that make up the frame and other details are added. There are no colors or textures at this stage.

Here, the critical eye is focused on the composition as a priority, because, unlike a 2D project, in this virtual environment we have third dimension and the need to deal with depth and the order in which elements appear, that is, what will be on top and what will be underneath.

Wireframe of a logo in a 3D software ( Maya ). Click image to enlarge.


The process of coloring and applying textures is called shading. At this stage we have the 3D model ready and we need to apply and correct the projection of textures inside a 2D map that covers the 3D elements, we call this normals.

After carefully aligning the normals, we have the object ready for the next step, which is rendering.

Shading process of a 3D logo. Click image to enlarge.


Finally the logo starts to look more like a real logo. Rendering is the last step in the process. Here we apply the colors and textures adjusted with values of brightness, opacity, bump, reflections and refraction.

Each set of colors and parameters is called a material. Over time, we have a ready-made library of materials of all types, from metals to plastics, including complex technical materials such as glass of different densities and even gemstones.
For this project, we are materials with a plastic and metallic appearance.

Rendering process of a 3D logo. See how different materials render. Click image to enlarge.

Final result

The final rendering is a step that, in some cases, can take longer than all the previous steps combined. Final rendering is the process in which the computer calculates the incidence of lights in relation to the camera and, pixel by pixel, creates the final image.

Many times this step needs to be redone in order to correct light position and intensity, controlling the shadow projections and also the interference that the environment should cause.

This is called High Dynamic Range Image, which are textures of real scenarios applied to the virtual environment, in order to make the rendered 3D object give the visual sensation that it is really inserted in a real environment.

3d logo design is now complete. Click image to enlarge and see how it looks.

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